little_ruby (little_ruby) wrote in rubys_desires,

various graphics (banner, wallpaper) of various actresses

Dana Delany: 2
Crytsal Chappell: 1
Mariska Hargitay: 1
Orlagh Cassidy/Tina Sloan: 1
Julie Benz: 1
Mary McDonnell: 4
Mary McDonnell/Kyra Sedgwick: 1
Otalia: 1
Amanda Tapping: 5
Amanda Tapping/Robin Dunne: 1

Tags: art:header, art:wallpaper, celeb:amanda tapping, celeb:crystal chappell, celeb:dana delaney, celeb:julie benz, celeb:kyra sedgwick, celeb:mariska hargitay, celeb:mary mcdonnell, celeb:robin dunne, char: natalia rivera, char:olivia spencer, tv:otalia
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